Hi and welcome to my personal digital corner on the web. In this page you will find some more info about me and my interests.

About me

I am a software developer, security engineer among other things. Some people call this DevOps, I think it’s just a label and does not really define what you do.

So what do I do? Well I’ve developed software mainly using PHP for about 10 years. And for about a year now (since Oct 2016) I have shifted my focus to security and mainly making sure we detect security issues as they happen as well as web application and infrastructure security.

That’s all for now…

Random Facts

  • I’ve lived outside Cyprus.
  • I love taking photos, more on Flickr.
  • I love TV Shows and Movies.
  • I like reading, but apart from technical books I only like Sci-Fi Books I find it hard to find good ones. Currently I like J.K. Rowling, Raymond E. Feist and Dan Brown.
  • I like Apple products and I have switched to a 15″ Powerbook in August 2005.
  • I have a weakness for good coffee.

Want to know more… just use one of the links bellow. :wink: