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With our life’s constantly becoming more and more depended on electronic devices we have to device ways to keep everything in sync. Nowadays we have smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, netbooks, media centers and all of this devices keep copies of out data. Our word documents, pictures, expense estimations etc.

Up until very recently, and some of us still do, we move around with usb sticks portable usb hard drives and basically a copy of our digital life. About a little more than two years ago I found Dropbox a way to keep a folder on your computer in sync with other computers and various other electronic devices. Dropbox provides a free 2GB storage and 3 upgrade options of 100GB, 200GB and 500GB.

Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers From the Dropbox Website

Dropbox is a way to sync your files online and across your computers including Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Dropbox is also available on various mobile platforms like iOS (iPhone), Android and Blackberry. And of course your files are available through the Dropbox website.

There is a very cool video on the Dropbox website. and a very cool tour.

Now some of you might be sceptic about putting your files online, but that’s because most people think of online as a public place where you put stuff for everyone. Well this is not the case. Dropbox allows you to store files securely into your own online storage box and also sharing them with other people using Dropbox or putting stuff in a public folder where only people with the specific link will be able to get to the file.

One more cool think about this is that you stop currying around usb memory sticks and you can stop emailing yourself with files in order to get that report to another computer.

A very cool way to use this service is sharing files with others. I’ve been using it to share photos and movies with family members and it’s a keeper especially with the non-technical members of the family.

You can use the this link to sing up and we both get an extra 500MB of storage.

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