This project started after reading an article on the aws blog about serving redirect urls from an S3 bucket. The author even provided a CloudFormation template pretty sweet :smile:.

Since I wanted to learn how to use CDK I decided to use this template and convert it to to a CDK project to do the same with some minor adjustments to suite my needs.

You are welcome to go to the project repository and have a gander.

If you just want to see the url shortener working navigate to the admin page and give it a go.

Note: Currently this is open for everyone and all links expire after 7 days. If it is abused it will be taken down.

A few things to note if you decide to run the project as is.

  • If you have never used AWS CDK before start by going to CDK Workshop and following their guide.
  • You need an AWS Account and update cdk.json with your account ID and all other relevant details.

Architecture and cost considerations

Using a full serverless application has several benefits: the application is natively multi-AZ and automatically scales whether you have one request per month or tens per second.

Now evaluate the cost of the URL Shortener for a simple scenario: You create 1000 short URLs per month and each is viewed by 1000 users – i.e., 1 million requests per month. Here is a cost estimate for the London region split by services:

  • Lambda: 1000 invocation each of less than 1 second – less than $0.003 / month
  • API Gateway: 1000 API calls – less than $0.004 / month
  • S3: storage cost is negligible, cost for 1 million GET is $0.04 / month
  • Amazon CloudFront: bandwidth cost is negligible, cost for 1 million GET is $0.075 / month

The overall cost is less than 12 cents per month, that’s pretty cheap.. :wink:


If you need to get in touch, you can find details at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can comment here or at the project page on GitHub.